The 10 Best Portable Wheelchairs In 2017 Reviews

The process of being a caretaker for anyone is daunting, and becomes even more difficult when a wheelchair comes into the life of the patient. It can be frustrating for both people involved in the process when the wheelchair isn’t particularly suited for travel, but travel is a must. Certainly, anyone capable of taking a vacation also needs to find something for reliable transportation while away. There are many different kinds of portable wheelchairs for sale.

Most have similar options in terms of keeping hands, arms, legs and feet safe and comfortable. What makes the difference in purchases often depends on practical matters such as size, weight and overall dimensions. The chair must fit the person who will ride in it. But, other important features such as ease of cleaning, its ability to fold away, or its available colors are added in to the decision making process.

#10. Drive Medical Fly Lite Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

10. Drive Medical Fly Lite Ultra Lightweight Transport WheelchairBuy now from Amazon
This handy, foldable wheelchair features a black frame, and 18.75 inch width for the seat, measured between the arms. What makes it easy to carry is its foldable back. The foot rests can swing aside and are adjustable for varied heights. Once folded it is less than 36 inches wide and long, and 9 inches high. It will hold up to 300 pounds. Most customers liked the fact that the frame is made of strong, aluminum, weighing 17 pounds. This makes it very easy to take on vacation and to put in and out of a car trunk.

#9. Drive Medical Travelite Transport Wheelchair : Carry Bag With Wheels

9. Drive Medical Travelite Transport Wheelchair : Carry Bag With WheelsBuy now from Amazon
For a sturdy yet light weight portable wheelchair, this one has a carrying bag that includes wheels. The bag can be rolled just like a wheeled suitcase. The chair folds into less than 37.5 inches long and wide, and 11.5 inches high. The wheels do lock and there the 8 inch diameter tires. It will seat up to 250 pounds. The arms are padded and flip up, and the seat has special straps to make it easier to lift up for folding and storage. Most owners really liked the convenience this product offers for traveling. One caution is that it will not work for people who must slide to transfer into the chair, due to the folding construction.

#8. Hugo Portable Transport Wheelchair with Detachable Footrests

8. Hugo Portable Transport Wheelchair with Detachable FootrestsBuy now from Amazon
With its vibrant midnight blue color and light weight, this is one very attractive product. Its backrest and seat are completely padded for comfort. Because the foot rests detach, they can be adjusted for comfort and removed for traveling. It does not need tools to assemble and the aluminum frame is sturdy, yet easy to push. Weights up to 250 pounds are okay, with a seat width of approximately 18 inches, and about the same for the back height. Many customers absolutely love this wheelchair for its light weight and compact size when packed. But, some have had the rubber wheels disintegrate with use and are very disappointed with it. Many have owned Hugo models previous to this one and thought they were constructed better.

#7. MedMobile Transport Folding Wheelchair Drop Back Handle by MedMobile.

7. MedMobile Transport Folding Wheelchair Drop Back Handle by MedMobile.Buy now from Amazon
There is much to like about this aluminum framed folding wheelchair, with its lovely burgundy colored frame. Its armrests are padded and its footrests are easily removed. Thanks to its dual handbrakes, those pushing have more control. There is a strap behind the rider’s legs for extra support. The seat measures 16 inches by 18 inches and will carry up to 250 pounds. The seat to floor height is about 19 inches or so when occupied. Owners purchased this to make life a little easier while going places. However, though many people gave this transport excellent reviews it is important to understand that transport chairs require someone to push. The rider cannot push the chair. Other problems with this were poor construction, so that arms broke off or foot rests broke very quickly. Reviews were mixed with this product, but tending toward the positive overall.

#6. Drive Medical Wallaby Child’s Folding Wheelchair

6. Drive Medical Wallaby Child’s Folding WheelchairBuy now from Amazon
Sporting a bright blue, powder coated frame made of steel, this chair is perfect for a busy youngster. When used with the headrest extension and harness, this product is approved for WC 19 Bus Transit. The footsteps do swing around and they come with plates made of plastic and straps for calves. The rear tires are 22 inches and the front tires are 6 inches with swivel capability. Its overall width is 22 inches. There is a pelvic belt for extra support and the arms flip backward to allow for transfer into and out of the chair.

#5. Wenzelite Wallaby Pediatric Folding Wheelchair

5. Wenzelite Wallaby Pediatric Folding WheelchairBuy now from Amazon
This bright red child’s wheelchair is a great option for a student traveling to and from school. It is WC19 Bus Transit equipped with the appropriate harness and head rest extension. Its arms are padded and the length of a desk to add comfort, but they can also be flipped away from the chair to make it easier to get in and out of the 12 inch wide seat. The rubber tires do swivel for easier turns and they are secured to composite material wheels.

The back is relatively high for extra support. There is a calf strap, a pelvis belt, and plastic plates on the adjustable foot rests. The entire chair folds to a width of 12 inches. This is a useful option for families seeking a way for their children to be comfortable at school desks or on the bus. Parents who own one feel that it is very good value for the price.

#4. Karman LT­980­BD­E Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

4. Karman LT­980­BD­E Ultra Lightweight WheelchairBuy now from Amazon
With its extra light 24 pound weight and compact design, this burgundy colored chair is something most any rider would appreciate. It comes with a leg rest that allows for extra elevation, the wheels front and back are solid, it offers a lifetime warranty for the framework and a seatbelt is included. It has the capacity adjust seat height for individual users. The seat is 18 inches square. Most owners bought it to use when traveling and its burgundy, near cherry red, color is a favorite with many.

#3. New Karman KMTV10B ( KMTV10B16B ) Ultra Lightweight Travel Wheelchair

3. New Karman KMTV10B ( KMTV10B16B ) Ultra Lightweight Travel WheelchairBuy now from Amazon
This may be one of the easiest portable wheelchairs to take on a trip. It has a nice release lever that allows it to fold in half quickly. It is available for sale in two colors, including champagne and black. Made of nylon, it is well padded in the arm area. At 28 pounds, it is not the lightest chair made for travel, but it will carry up to 225 pounds. Of all the portable chairs of its kind, it has a definite designer air about it, with clean lines and minimalist mechanical items.

#2. Superb Lightweight Aluminum Folding Child’s Wheelchair

2. Superb Lightweight Aluminum Folding Child’s WheelchairBuy now from Amazon
What a plucky little chair this is for a youngster’s travels. It sports a tartan plaid fabric that is both cheery and comfortable. This is made of aluminum so that it is very light in weight. Its arm, leg and feet rests are all adjustable and easy to move out of the way when moving in and out of the seat. There is a belt included for the seat and the wheels and castors are solid. It also has two brakes to use and will hold up to 200 pounds, even though it is just over 14 pounds itself. Families who bought this used it not only for children but for adults as well. It earned top ratings almost universally from all owners.

#1. Foldawheel PW­1000XL Electric Wheelchair

1. Foldawheel PW­1000XL Electric WheelchairBuy now from Amazon
There are some cases when only a completely motor driven wheelchair will do. This luxurious chair is run using an electric, long lasting polymer lithium ion battery, and it weighs just 55 pounds. Though this is much heavier than the class of chairs that are easy to fold up by hand, it is completely sturdy and speedy, too. There is no need to have someone push this wheelchair, so the owner can go solo on vacations when possible. This chair comes with its own traveling bag, and it can close up within a few seconds of time. Owners appreciate this chair due to its ability to travel across uneven surfaces such as gravel, grass and cobblestones. It is great item for someone who wants something that will handle a lot.

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